Cloud VPS Servers

Flexible, Instant deployment servers … FAST 100% SSD Drives in a RAID10 config with high performance CPUs for the ultimate server performance … Easy scaling. Dynamically increase/decrease your VPS resources on-demand.

One-Click OS Templates

Cloud VPS (KVM)

Starting From Only

$ 20 / month
  • Up to 20 CPU Cores
  • Up to 12GB RAM
  • Up to 120GB SSD
  • 50GB Up to Unmetered Traffic
  • Up to 3 IP Adresses
  • Optional cPanel

Customize Your VPS

Configure Your Custom VPS Specs (KVM Only) - Starting From Only

$ 20 /month
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Easy Scalable Resources
  • Optional cPanel

Simple, Intuitive Control

Easily and conveniently manage your VPS server from our Dashboard area, with instant access to real-time resource usage, console access and system settings.
VPS Servers


By upgrading to a VPS today, you benefit from the following …

Powerful Control Panel

Manage your VPS Server with ease and accessibility, using our powerful & intuitive control panel.

Easy Scalable Servers

Increase IP Addresses, add more RAM, CPU Power, or more Storage, without noticeable downtime

Fast VPS Deployment

Spin up your cPanel VPS, or choose from any of our OS templates to get started in minutes

VPS Servers

Real-Time Statistics

View the status of your server in realtime directly from our Dashboard area, including resource graphs & stats

Simple Power Control

Easily boot up, stop, and shutdown your server, right from our control panel in seconds

Instant cPanel

Install the industry-leading cPanel in seconds using our pre-configured server templates


Have some inquiries? Check these frequently asked questions
  • What is VPS Hosting?

    VPS hosting is the perfect balance between price-point and computing power, making it ideal for growing or complex websites. Although a VPS is shared with other domains, you're granted your own dedicated allotment of CPU and memory. While you do have VPS neighbors, there are way fewer domains utilizing that server than you would have with shared hosting.

  • Do I Need to Upgrade to a VPS?

    If you are a business that expects frequent traffic surges, a VPS plan is ideal for you. The great thing about VPS is that it can expand with your site. This scalable nature allows you to adjust the amount of dedicated resources in accordance with traffic growth.

  • Does my VPS Come Managed?

    We may include Basic Management, which may be ideal for those who are able to handle day-to-day operations of their server. Under this plan we will not access a server, and will provide only documentation or references to assist in terms of diagnosing any potentials issues within the server.

  • Are VPS Backups Included?

    No, VPS backups aren’t included by default. We strongly encourage our customers to configure all their VPS servers to be backed up using their own software of choice, such as R1Soft or cPanel backups etc.

  • What If I Need To Add More Resources?

    Your VPS server can be scaled up or down whenever required, right from within our Dashboard area ... The upgrade  is instantly activated upon payment receiving ... This is ideal in case your website faces a surge in traffic and requires more resources to handle the increase in traffic and request.

  • Can I Reinstall My VPS Sever?

    Absolutely! You are free to reinstall the operating system of your VPS server directly from our control panel. Choose from our pre-configured templates to have your server up and running in no time (This will erase everything! We strongly encourage you to backup your important files before proceeding with this, or also in the cases of making system upgrades to your VPS software).

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